About Festival

About Festival

24.8. – 4.9.2021.

Festival Programme

  • Monday 30.8.2021. 
    20 h

    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    Zagrebački plesni ansambl

    Up. And Up. A joint journey, a state of heightened emotions, a thrill and the excitement of being in a team . In a joint ritual, six dancers are somewhere up, discovering the joy of belonging to a community and the responsibility of the individual to the community and vice versa. The dynamic performance shows how the lives of six women are connected, their mutual journey and the stages they go through within their dance careers. As a self-taught dancer the choreographer developed a unique, expressive style: a combination of street dance, elements of martial arts and animal movements. This play deals with solidarity, courage, opposition, togetherness and individual and group responsibility.

    Created and performed by: Margareta Firinger, Andreja Jandrić, Sintija Kučić, Gendis Putri Kartini, Petra Valentić, Jovana Zelenović

    Choreographic idea:  Ferenc Feher

    Costume design: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin

    Assistant costume designer: Ana Mikulić

    Music: Nenad Kovačić, Ferenc Feher

    Light design: Saša Fistrić

    Photography: Jelena Janković, Marko Ercegović

    Illustration and graphic design: Ana Rako

    ZPA artistic director: Petra Glad Mažar

    Production and organisation: Nina Križan

    Production: Zagrebački plesni ansambl 

    Co-production: Zagrebačko kazalište mladih 

    Supported by: Zagreb City Office for Culture, Ministry of Culture and Media RH

    UP&UP #2 #3
  • Tuesday 31.8.2021.
    19:30 h


    Anika Cetina│Local Author

    Vitomir Jovičić Simke tragically died in 2009 in the city of Rijeka. During a night out, after being forced to break dance and rap, he was pushed in the river Rječina where he, surrounded by many, suffocated by drowning.  The work is triggered by my own memory of the tragic event.  Anna, balla is a space of facing oneself and dealing with it.  Choreography is based on imaginary and invdividual experiences of a victim, perpetrator and bystander which I am holding in one performative body. Almost psychotic, affective performative state arises, which I develop in the modality that choreographically works as a coping mechanism to work through the conditions of choreography, performance and myself. Motifs from the play Psychosis 4.48 by Sarah Kane and the song Schiccherie by Madame are used in the choreography.

    Choreography and performance: Anika Cetina

    Costume: Anika Cetina

    Photography: Eva Šustar, edited by: Anika Cetina  

    Special thanks to Irma Omerzo, Valentina Miloš, Anis Habibović, Josip Kresović, Mate Mrša and Viktor Vancaš.

    This work was created throughout the academic year of 2020/2021, in the production of Academy of Dramatic Art of University of Zagreb, during the study program of Contemporary Dance, Performance division, in the course of Research project 1 and 2, under the mentorship of doc.art. Irma Omerzo.

  • Tuesday 31.8.2021.
    21 h

    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    Lara Frgačić & Endi Schrotter│SABMARINE│New horizons

    Dance performance Individue(t) starts from the most basic idea of the relationship of two
    bodies in the same time and space. The relationship of these bodies almost constantly
    eludes and floats between the conscious and unconscious decisions of unise and agreement and the contrast and individuality of the entities. There are two performers who through togetherness and individuality create a relationship of tension and charge that vibrates energetically. Sometimes the movement is guided by one body, sometimes by another and sometimes the bodies are so intertwined that there is no clear domination of one over the other. Who leads? Who follows?

    Choreography and performance: Lara Frgačić, Endi Schrötter 

    Dramaturgy: Marija Androić

    Music: Jan Kozumplik

    Light designer: Luka Črnelč

    Poster design: Lucija Tandara i Leon Žilavi

    Photography: Anja Krušelj 

    Trailer director: Lovro Mrđen

    Trailer cinematographer: Leon Žilavi

    Producers: Sabrina Herak Smoković i Marin Leo Janković

    Production: SABMARINE

    Support: Zagrebački plesni centar

  • Thursday 2.9.2021.
    19 & 21 h


    Tricycle Trauma

    In an arena bounded by systems of politics, labour and mass culture, meet the opponents.
    In this conflict of the new age, with the machinery of thought, dare to defy the state of emergency.
    On the periphery, accept the call to self-establish your humanity.
    A minimalist solo on the dance trapeze conceptually grounded in the philosophical works of Giorgio Agamben, Hanna Arendt and Walter Benjamin.


    Concept and performance: Ivana Pedljo

    Sound and light design: Jasmin Dasović

    Directing and dramaturgy: Marijana Matoković Ivana Pedljo

    Technical support: Maxime Weinmann

    Duration: 40 minutes
    Age: Youth and adults (15+)

    Production: Association for the Development of Circus and Performing Arts Tricycle Trauma with the support of the KUM - Theatre in Močvara

    The development of the project was supported by Room 100 within the Circus Residential Network

  • Friday 3.9.2021.
    20 h

    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    Matea Bilosnić│Zadarski plesni ansambl

    Klown is a multimedia dance performance in which both performer and author Matea Bilosnić embodies the role of Klown. Deepening the meaning of his own existence, ‘Klown’ becomes a new kind of meta-clown who questions the boundaries between reality and virtuality. Through text, song, music and movement, Klown addresses the impact of social networks on an individual's mental health, the issue of artificial intelligence as well as the impact of the digital revolution.

    Choreography and Performance: Matea Bilosnić

    Music, Text and Costume: Meteo

    Dramaturgy: Hrvoje Korbar

    Light Design: Saša Fistrić

    Scenography and Visual Design: Naonar

    Assistance: Patricia Gospić

    Production: Zadarski plesni ansambl, Meteo & Monoplay 2020

    Premiere: 25.08.2020.

    KLOWN #2 #3
  • Saturday 4.9.2021.
    20 h

    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    Roberta Milevoj

    ROB3RTA is the third solo in a series of solo works by dancer and choreographer Roberta Milevoj. It follows on from plays Roberta, Roberta (2010) and Roberta Again (2013). Previously, the artist explored the relationship between a performance and a choreography as the point where the natural emotional experience meets the artificial performance space.

    In this project, the artist is primarily interested in the analysis of the capacities of her own performing body. These capacities are bound to be conditioned by internal content, which is what brings up the main question: how can personal emotional experiences, memories and internal monologues become the basis of a solo performance and how can the characteristics of one’s own (female) nature and the ways it is manifested in a dance performance condition different poetic approaches to the dance material and choreography. The body is here observed as a mechanism bearing the story as well as the performance history of an artist’s body.

    Choreography and performance: Roberta Milevoj
    Music: Miro Manojlović
    Costumes: Desanka Janković
    Project collaborator: Matija Ferlin
    Photo: Andi Bančić
    Poster graphic design: Matija Ferlin
    Translation: Ana Uglešić
    Production: Artistic organisation NIKAD KRAJA

    The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and realized in collaboration with the Mediterranean Dance Centre in San Vincenti.

    The guest performance was realised with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

    ROB3RTA #2

Side Programme

  • 24.8. – 4.9.


    Circus Residential Network│Natalija Pintarić

    Natalija Pintarić has been a member of Cirkorama since 2010.  Her technique is aerial acrobatics on aerial fabric. She has attended numerous workshops by renowned artists and she is also a circus pedagogue. Raskrasit Mir / Oboji Svijet is Natalija's first solo project. 

    Circus Residential Network supports the development of the regional circus scene. In 2021 its providers are associations Cirkus Kolektiv and ROOM 100 from Split, Cirkorama from Zagreb, Prostor Plus from Rijeka, Čarobnjakov šešir from Pula and K.V.A.R.K. from Križevci, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb, the City of Split, the City of Rijeka and Kultura nova Foundation.

  • Saturday 4.9.2021.
    19 h


    Natalija Pintarić - Work presentation

    Natalija Pintarić explores the chain as an aerial prop. Its appearance and structure leave the impression of ruggedness and cruelty but during the research process it changes into something gentle, close and private. The first part of the research is closely related to the work on the technique while the second deals with the rhythmicity and musicality of the sounds of machines and meditative instruments. In the third part chemical processes change the color of the props. When combined with water, mirrors and reflectors, unique lighting environments are created. 

    Natalija Pintarić has been a member of Cirkorama since 2010.  Her technique is aerial acrobatics on aerial fabric. She has attended numerous workshops by renowned artists and she is also a circus pedagogue. Raskrasit Mir / Oboji Svijet is Natalija's first solo project. 

  • Wednesday 1.9.2021.
    18 & 20 h


    film night


    18 h Tout va bien

    r: É. Desjardins / P. Rosenblatt, documentary, 2013., 96 min /FR

    Two years in a clown school. Ten young women and four young men decided to turn their lives around, and agreed to meet their most daring challenge yet - finding your inner clown. Against all odds and trends, learning how to make people laugh out at the human condition. As we follow them through their ongoing quest, their moments of doubt and grace, we slowly begin to realize how alive this traditional folk art still is and more than ever, how necessary it has remained.

    20 h System K

    r: R. Barret, documentary, 2018., 94 min /FR

    A documentary about Kinshasa’s vibrant street art scene and a group of people who are passionately taking their political messages to the streets – with the aid of bullet cases, smoke, blood, wax, plastic waste, music and their bodies.

    Cinema Cirkus is an educational film programme of the ROOM 100 contemporary circus collective from Split. Here the audience can learn more about the history, development and significance of circus art. Kino Cirkus in Rijeka is realized in partnership with the Association Prostor Plus and with the financial support of the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the City of Rijeka. The work of ROOM 100 is supported by Kultura Nova Foundation.



  • 3. - 4.9.2021.
    10-12 h


    Trapeze workshop│Mentor: Ivana Pedljo

    Workshop for those who have experience in aerial acrobatics on any of the aerial apparatuses. On the first day, we will be working on the trapeze on three levels: below, above the bar and on the ropes. The second day is based on a qualitative approach to work, analysis and the use of tools required in the search for authentic movement in the air and to rise awareness of the space which is offered by the prop and most important - we develop a relationship with the hanging prop, thus overcoming the frequent trap of a mere sequence of tricks. We are going to work on “translating” movements from other apparatuses to the trapezoid one and vice versa. Both days are based on a systematic approach of warming up, preparing to work on the prop, the work on the prop itself, and stretching.

    Ivana Pedljo is a performing artist who works within the performing collective Tricycle Trauma. She builds her work within the framework of trapeze experimentation, extreme musical forms and physical theater. Working in a collective, she produces short performance forms of trapeze duets, plays, evenings of hybrid performative miniatures. She collaborates with numerous artists of the (independent) cultural scene, and implements continuous educational programs for children and adults in Zagreb and all over Croatia.


Reservations and ticket information:


The audience can visit the Periscope activities without showing the EU digital COVID pass or a negative test, and in compliance with all recommendations of the CNIPH for the prevention of infection with the COVID-19 virus. In order to protect general health, all participants and visitors are invited to follow the recommendations: enhanced personal hygiene, physical distance and wearing protective masks, while the recommended records of visitors will be kept at the entrance. You will be notified by e-mail of any changes.


Tickets for all programs can be purchased at the cash desk at the place of performance an hour before the start of each show.
Ticket price for the programmes at Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD)m Sušak: 30 HRK / 25 HRK for pupils, students, pensioners and workshop participants

Ticket price for the programmes at Filodrammatica and Palach: 40 HRK / 25 HRK for pupils, students, pensioners and workshop participants

Festival ticket price: 200 HRK
Workshop price: 250 HRK
Programmes Residency presentation and CIRCUS CINEMA are free.

All programs require prior notice and reservation.

Reservations and ticket information:
e-mail: festival.periskop@gmail.com


Organisation: Prostor Plus
Programme selection: Tajana Josimović, Ivana Kalc, Nika Krajnović, Nives Soldičić
Producers: Tihana Naglić, Tajana Josimović, Ivana Kalc, Nika Krajnović, Nives Soldičić
Technical support: Cyclorama
PR: Hana Galogaža Lanča / Biro 167
Photographers: Stephany Stefan / Stephany Stefan Studio
Visual design: Lea Jurin / Studio Mixer
Editing and Translation: Forca
Web: manufaktura i Castus

Financial support: Department of Culture - City of Rijeka, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia
Support: Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak, SU Molekula, Zaklada Kultura nova


Radionica - Mnoga lica trapeza

3.-4.9.2021. / 10-12h // Filodrammatica, Korzo 28, I kat

Šesti Periskop - festival suvremenog plesa i novog cirkusa u organizaciji udruge Prostor Plus ove će se godine održati od 24. kolovoza do 4. rujna i donosi predstave suvremenog plesa i novog cirkusa, rezidencijalni program u suradnji s Cirkuskom rezidencijalnom mrežom, filmski program Kino Cirkus u suradnji s Room 100 i edukativni program odnosno radionicu Mnoga lica trapeza s Ivanom Pedljo. 

Vrijeme: Petak i subota 3. i 4.9.2021. │ 10-12 h
Mjesto: Filodrammatica
Cijena radionice: 250 kn
Broj polaznika/ca: 8
Prijava: na ovoj poveznici putem obrasca pri dnu objave.

Obavezna je prijava i uplata cijelog iznosa na račun Udruge HR7224020061100654822 pri Erste&Steiermärkische bank s naznakom "Radionica trapeza" te je nužno navesti ime i prezime osobe koja dolazi na radionicu.

Radionica Mnoga lica trapeza namijenjena je onima koji imaju iskustva u bavljenju zračnim akrobacijama na bilo kojem od zračnih aparatusa. Prvi je dan u fokusu tehnika rada na trapezu na tri nivoa: ispod i iznad šipke te na konopima. Drugi je dan u fokusu osvještavanje prostora na raspolaganju, i, najvažnije, razvoj odnosa s ovješenim rekvizitom. Također će se raditi i na „prevođenju” pokreta s drugih aparatusa na trapez i obrnuto. Oba dana prolazi se kroz sustavni pristup zagrijavanju, pripremi za rad na rekvizitu, te samom radu na rekvizitu i istezanju.

Ivana Pedljo izvedbena je umjetnica koja djeluje u sklopu izvedbenog kolektiva Tricycle Trauma. Svoj rad gradi u okvirima trapističkog eksperimentiranja, ekstremnih glazbenih formi i fizičkog teatra. Provodi kontinuirane edukacijske programe za djecu i odrasle u Zagrebu i diljem Hrvatske.

Festival Periskop 2021 - poziv volonterima/kama

Prijave do 22.8.2021. // e-mail festival.periskop@gmail.com

Šesti Periskop - festival suvremenog plesa i novog cirkusa u organizaciji udruge Prostor Plus ove će se godine održati od 24. kolovoza do 4. rujna i donosi plesne i cirkuske izvedbe te jednu radionicu. Više informacija o programu i ulaznicama potražite na www.periskopfestival.com.

Da bismo uspješno organizirali i proveli festival potrebna nam je pomoć volontera/ki od 30.8. do 4.9. Stoga vas pozivamo da nam se pridružite i sukladno vašim interesima i mogućnostima s nama sudjelujete u organizaciji i produkciji ovogodišnjeg festivala Periskop. Bilo bi nam drago kada biste se javili i priključili u ostvarenju festivala te ujedno uživali u festivalskom programu i druženjima. Sate upisujemo u volontersku knjižicu, a volonteri/ke imaju besplatan ulaz na sve predstave. 

Ukoliko ste zainteresirani i imate nekoliko sati dnevno tijekom priprema i festivalskih dana, molimo da nam se javite na mail festival.periskop@gmail.com do 22.8.2021.

Pregled osnovnih volonterskih područja:


-tehnička pomoć (priprema prostora izvedbe, asistiranje glavnom tehničaru itd.)


- briga o gostima

- uređenje prostora izvedbe - ulaz, promo materijali

-  kontakt s posjetiteljima i informiranje o festivalu i programu


- pomoć za promociju na društvenim mrežama

- distribucija promo materijala


- rezervacije ulaznica

- rad na blagajni i kontrola ulaznica

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